2000 h farm Lavalleja

$4.250 / Hectare or $1,720 / Acre

Large ranch at 25 km northwest of the city Minas and slightly more than one hour driving from the international…

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864 h. forestry and cattle near Garzón

$3.500 / Hectare or $1,416 / Acre

Forestry and cattle farm in the hills between Rocha and Maldonado, not far from Pueblo Garzón. A first harvest of…

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870 h. forest near Pan de Azucar

$4.367 / Hectare or $2 / Acre

Forestry plantation near Pan de Azucar at 35 km from Punta del Este. Very good access via Ruta 60. In…

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1300 has Durazno

$4.000 / Hectare or $1,619 / Acre

Excellent investment opportunity in the heart of rural Uruguay. A forestry project was designed to plant 50% with eucalyptus trees….

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3000 has forestry soils

$3.800 / Hectare or $1,538 / Acre

Nearly 3000 hectares of cattle land with soil types that permit forestry plantation (65% is type 8.9 and 8.3). Basic…

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417 h. forestry Villa Serrana

$4.000 / Hectare or $1,620 / Acre

Forestry plantation near Villa Serrana in Lavalleja. 244 hectares are effectively planted with eucaliptus trees. Since this project was approved…

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250 h Forest Durazno

$5.000 / Hectare or $2,023 / Acre

Forestry and cattle farm in northern Durazno. This farm is rented out for a long term. That makes it an…

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424 forestry plantation

$3.650 / Hectare or $1,477 / Acre

This farm is situated in Lavalleja, close to Villa Serrana. The land consists of priority foresty soils, type 2.11 a…

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225 h Maldonado

$6.500 / Hectare or $2,630 / Acre

Forestry plantation on the border of Maldonado and Lavalleja. This plantation was approved in 2000 and therefore it holds fiscal…

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430 h forestry soils Durazno

$4.000 / Hectare or $1,619 / Acre

Agricultural land suitable for forestry and livestock. The dominant soil type (85%) is 5.02a which is a priority forestry soil….

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424 h forestry Flores

$3.900 / Hectare or $1,578 / Acre

Attractive forestry opportunity in the department Flores. A farm of 424 hectares of which 100 hectares are planted and rented…

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