3070 h Tacuarembó

$4.500 / Hectare or $1,821 / Acre

Attractive large scale farm with combination of agricultural activities in northern Uruguay. Fully operational farm in Tacuarembó with an optimal…

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1100 h Rio Negro

$6.000 / Hectare or $2,430 / Acre

Diversified investment opportunity in the center of Uruguayan agriculture. Close to the city Young in the department Rio Negro, we…

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322 h Maldonado

$4.500 / Hectare or $1,800 / Acre

Cattle farm in the area between San Carlos and Aigua. Good size and location for an attractive cattle farm in…

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235 h. Bonsmara ranch in Rocha

$4.250 / Hectare or $1,700 / Acre

Cattle ranch in Rocha where currently Bonsmara cows are kept. Over 100 hectares of improved pastures and the rest is…

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1200 h Canelones

$7.500 / Hectare or $3,000 / Acre

Excellent cattle farm at 120 km north of Montevideo. Good pastures and soils that permit planting fodder crops. Two houses…

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340 h San Carlos

$7.500 / Hectare or $3,000 / Acre

Attractive farm on Route 39 northbound from San Carlos. The farm has a residence of good quality and two barns….

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236 h Tacuarembó

$3.000 / Hectare or $1,214 / Acre

Complete cattle farm in Tacuarembó on the shores of the river Rio Negro. It consists of 236 hectares and the…

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700 h in Salto

$5.000 / Hectare or $2,000 / Acre

Special cattle farm on the shores of the river Uruguay. This is productive land only without buildings. Located north of…

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7000 hectare cattle ranch Salto

Location: Department Salto, distance to Montevideo 580 km. Agricultural use: The farm is suitable for livestock. Soils are dominantly two…

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