960 h farm Soriano

$7.000 / Hectare or $2,830 / Acre

Large mixed farm in eastern Soriano. 420 hectares have a high CONEAT index (203) with good soil types for cropping….

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Prime cropfield Uruguay

17 h Colonia CONEAT 241

$15.000 / Hectare or $6,072 / Acre

Attractive crop field at 20 km from the city Colonia del Sacramento. Very high CONEAT index, 241, all arable land….

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16 h in San José

$10.500 / Hectare or $4,250 / Acre

Agricultural field near Villa Rodriguez in San Jose. It is a square shaped field with very little waste. There are…

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crop field near port

36 has Nueva Palmira

$12.000 / Hectare or $4,858 / Acre

Cropfield close to grain port Nueva Palmira at only 8 km. This is very important given the cost of transport…

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1250 h Rio Negro

$11.000 / Hectare or $4,450 / Acre

In an environment that combines the highly productive with the aesthetic, the farm has the necessary amenities for activity and…

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1600 h Durazno

$7.000 / Hectare or $2,834 / Acre

The farm is located close in the north of Durazno. The land is suitable for grain rotation with soybeans, wheat,…

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740 h Durazno

$6.000 / Hectare or $2,430 / Acre

Excellent farm in the north of Durazno with very good access year round. The farm house and infrastructure is in…

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56 h Canelones

$12.000 / Hectare or $4,858 / Acre

Attractive crop farm in Canelones close to Aguas Corrientes. Soils are very good for crop farming and 90% can be…

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74 h Rocha

$4.500 / Hectare or $1,821 / Acre

Good piece of agricultural land in Rocha. The average CONEAT is 130 with predominantly soil type 10.7. This is suitable…

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34 h in Colonia

$10.000 / Hectare or $4,048 / Acre

Good crop field in Colonia. One block in rectangular shape not too far from Ruta 2 in between Rosario and…

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1120 h Rio Negro

$6.800 / Hectare or $2,750 / Acre

Attractive farm on the shores of the Rio Negro. The farm offers a mix of activities. 420 hectares are used…

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75 h crop field Flores

$8.000 / Hectare or $3,238 / Acre

Crop field at 1 km from National Route 3 in the department of Flores. The farm consists of excellent soils,…

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480 h crop farm Canelones

$6.500 / Hectare or $2,630 / Acre

Attractive crop farm close to Montevideo. It used to be a dairy farm, but it is now rented out for…

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370 h crop farm Canelones

$6.500 / Hectare or $2,630 / Acre

Crop farm close to Montevideo. Rotation of soy or corn in summer and wheat or barley in winter. The average…

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3200 h farm Durazno

$6.000 / Hectare or $2,428 / Acre

Mixed farm with grains, cattle and forestry potential in the heart of Uruguay. At 50 km from the city Durazno,…

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707 h grains Durazno

$8.000 / Hectare or $3,237 / Acre

High yielding grain farm in Durazno with excellent crop soils and abundant water supply. The land borders the river Rio…

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2100 h soy and rice farm

$4.000 / Hectare or $1,619 / Acre

Fully operational crop and cattle farm in Lavalleja. 1400 hectares are suitable for rotation of rice and soybeans. Rice is…

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67 h. cash crop land Colonia

$11.000 / Hectare or $44,553 / Acre

Excellent farmland for cultivation of cash crops like soy beans and corn. The land has an average CONEAT of 182…

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100 h cropland Soriano

$11.000 / Hectare or $4,453 / Acre

Excellent crop land of 100 hectares of which 80 hectares are planted. There are no buildings, this property is only land….

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220 h crop farm San José

$9.400 / Hectare or $3,805 / Acre

Grain farm of 220 hectares in San José. Direct access from Ruta 3. The farm is rented out for to…

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550 h. premium crop farm in San José

$9.500 / Hectare or $3,845 / Acre

Premium crop farm of 550 hectares farm at which they are able to plant grains on 85%. Only 30 steers…

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1100 h crop farm San José

$6.000 / Hectare or $2,428 / Acre

Attractive crop farm in San José at 40 km from Villa Rodriguez and 110 km from Montevideo. 940 hectares are…

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1500 h farm Flores

$5.500 / Hectare or $2,226 / Acre

Between Trinidad and Durazno, one can find this fully operational farm in Flores. The area in forage agricultural rotation covers…

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3700 h rice farm Artigas

$4.200 / Hectare or $1,700 / Acre

Large farm in the northern department of Artigas. Well located between Ruta 3 and River Uruguay. This property consists of…

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