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We offer farm management and see ourselves as land stewards looking after the conservation of your property´s natural resources over an extended period of time. Farm management is not only about the organization of agricultural production, but also about soil conservation, dealing with staff and financial management. We add value by implementing good agricultural practices and bringing the perspective of sustainability into the operational management of farms. We optimize the interaction of climate, soils and agricultural expertise.

After purchasing a farm, you will have to choose between three management options:

  • Operate the Farmland yourself
  • Contract a farm management company to operate it on your behalf
  • Straight lease of the land with fixed annual returns and no operational costs


a farm management company to operate farmland is at your own account with annual revenue depending on the harvest. This can result in yields significantly higher and operating costs being calculated only after your consent. Like most farm management companies we work with annual or sometimes bi-annual budget programs. The annual work plan includes planning, operational costs and projected revenues.


is an option, which we can also negotiate on your behalf. There are many professional leasing companies available to operate farms. Lease prices in grains are set in kg of soybeans per hectare and in livestock for example in kg of steer per hectare. Therefore, the rental income fluctuates with international commodity prices. As a reference the local commodity prices are used which are published on the websites of leading traders or chamber of commerce

We have

a successful track record in working closely with landowners, providing support and assistance with their farming businesses. We operate different agreements utilizing either our own staff or the landowner´s staff to maximize profits. Farms managed by us are located in several parts of Uruguay, for example Flores, San José, Canelones, Durazno, Lavalleja, Rio Negro, Tacuarembó,. Cerro Largo and Florida. Landowning clients are residents of countries such as for instance USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

We provide

a realistic benchmark as we know and share the commercial value of commodities on local and export markets. Several issues not related to price, such as conservation of soils, exit or transition, finance, collecting the rent, supervision of maintenance are also very important for the landowner.

Visits to a farm

without prior notice, coordination with an accountant for annual tax declaration and consultation of lawyer are all tasks within our minimum service agreement. The absentee landowner will receive financial and technical monitoring reports. Supplementary services include for example reporting on soil quality and certification of farming practices. Monthly fees depend mainly on location of the farm and type of agricultural activity.

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