We offer a wide range of attractive farmland investment opportunities in Uruguay, selection based on your personal investment objectives.

Uruguay Facts

The case for Uruguay

  • The country
  • Agriculture in Uruguay
  • Invest in Farmland in Uruguay
  • Uruguay has a population of 3.5 M inhabitants.
  • Rule of Law with European tradition of civil law including cadaster and registry.
  • No restrictions related to land ownership by foreigners
  • No restrictions on repatriation of capital or dividends
  • Low tax pressure income tax, inheritance tax and no double taxation.
  • Investment grade by most international credit rating agencies
  • Double Cropping, Direct Seeding and Mandatory Soil Management Plan
  • Moderate climate with mild temperatures and abundant rainfall (1.200 mm)
  • Availability of fresh water from rivers, wells or rainfall.
  • Good logistics with short distance to seaports and airports.
  • 85% of total export production is destined for exports
  • Regenerative agriculture is growing in importance in both cropping and livestock.
  • Transparent farmland market due to soil classification and transaction records
  • Protected ownership titles with a well-functioning cadaster and reliable legal system
  • Average price per hectare in Uruguay between 2.000 and 10.000 USD
  • Land prices fluctuate almost only because of international commodity prices
  • No Farm Bill or Common Agricultural Policy artificially upholding or pushing land prices
  • Transparent lease market for farmland with registered lease contracts in USD

Investment objectives

People may want to invest in agricultural land for different reasons. It is important for us to have very clear the objectives of the investor in order to best identify the available opportunities. Objectives are usually a mix:

Annual returns

Land appreciation

Production of a certain agricultural product

Wealth preservation

Sustainability goals

Safe haven for capital and family (rural residence)
We would like to hear from you what your objectives are. Based on that we will be able to present you the options that best match your search.

A selection of our available properties

We would like to hear from you what your objectives are. Based on that we will be able to present you the options that best match your search.

Prices and availability were verified as of January 17, 2022. All prices shown on this page are prices in US dollar!

235 h. Bonsmara ranch in Rocha

$3.800 / Hectare or $1,538 / Acre

Cattle ranch in Rocha where currently Bonsmara cows are kept. Over 100 hectares of improved pastures and the rest is…

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732 h. Artigas cattle ranch

$2.900 / Hectare or $1,174 / Acre

Cattle farm in northern Uruguay at 20 km from the city Artigas and the border with Brazil. This farm is…

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7500 hectare mixed farm Durazno

$4.250 / Hectare or $1,720 / Acre

Situated in central Uruguay, in the department Durazno. North of the city Durazno and south of the future UPM pulp…

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378 h. cattle ranch La Paloma

$6.500 / Hectare or $2,630 / Acre

Main house and barn are in good conditions as well as the facilities for herd management. Most of the land…

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860 h cattle farm Flores

$4.500 / Hectare or $1,821 / Acre

Traditional cattle ranch in Flores. Good water availability throughout the farm. Corrals for cattle management near the entrance at 5…

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670 h cattle farm San José

$3.600 / Hectare or $1,457 / Acre

Cattle farm in San José at 20 km from the city and 100 km from Montevideo. All facilities are available…

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700 h in Salto

$3.900 / Hectare or $1,578 / Acre

Special cattle farm on the shores of the river Uruguay. This is productive land only without buildings. Located north of…

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1512 h cattle Salto

$2.200 / Hectare or $890 / Acre

Rangeland in Salto, Uruguay. 1512 hectares suitable for livestock. There is a large house which has electricity via solar panels….

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1100 h cattle ranch Cerro Largo

$4.200 / Hectare or $1,700 / Acre

Excellent cattle farm in the north of Uruguay. Located along Ruta 8 at half an hour drive from the city…

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7000 hectare cattle ranch Salto

Location: Department Salto, distance to Montevideo 580 km. Agricultural use: The farm is suitable for livestock. Soils are dominantly two…

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12000 hectare cattle ranch Paysandú

Large traditional cattle ranch in Paysandú. Within the grounds of the farm, there are gentle hills, with different degrees of…

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536 h cattle farm Río Negro

$3.200 / Hectare or $1,295 / Acre

This farm is currently in use as cattle farm only. There are 50 hectares of eucalyptus trees in the middle…

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2000 h coastal cattle ranch Rocha

$4.800 / Hectare or $1,942 / Acre

The farm has ideal conditions for a high productivity intensive grazing system (regenerative farming). Good forage cropping potential and pastures…

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Farmland near Pueblo Eden

$7.000 / Hectare or $2,833 / Acre

Wonderful property of 175 hectares near the village Pueblo Eden in Maldonado. Located at 45 km from Punta del Este….

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Indicator of Land Value

One important technical aspect is that since the 1960s Uruguay has had a soil classification system, known as CONEAT, which makes it possible to determine the productivity of each rural plot. The average value in Uruguay is 100 with minimum values of 5 and maximum values of 263. This tool is freely accessible and allows for the characterization and evaluation of farmland in different areas of the country ( By comparing with Google Earth images and taking soil samples, it is possible to get a clear indication which types of production are currently most suitable. This demonstrates the transparency of Uruguayan farmland market. No other country in South America offer this kind of soil mapping.

This index is also an ´indicator´ of the value of land, although a good price appreciation should also take into account infrastructure, water presence, access and other relevant production factors.

It is good to realize that farms in Uruguay are usually mixed farms, combining grains, livestock and sometimes forestry. This diversification supports soil conservation and it evens out volatility of prices of commodities.

After Sales Service

Your farm is managed

Most landowners in Uruguay (both domestic and international) do not farm their land themselves. They are absentee owners who rely on farm management companies or tenants to take care of their property. Most farmers in Uruguay, on the other hand, are contractors or management companies with no or little land of their own. For most of our clients, we arrange the adequate management of their farms in Uruguay based on a service agreement. However, this is not an exclusive arrangement: if you prefer another way of operating your farm, we will suggest other available options.

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