River Plate cropping estate


This property is located on the coast of the River Plate in Colonia. The land is very fertile and it…

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740 h Lavalleja

$5.400 / Hectare or $2,160 / Acre

Traditional cattle ranch in rural Lavalleja at two hours from Montevideo or Punta del Este. A 100 year old house…

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Olives and grape Estate Colonia

$20.000 / Hectare or $8,000 / Acre

Spectacular estate with ancient trees, 25 hectares of olive trees and 4 hectares of vines. Olive oil mill for the…

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1500 h estate San José

$9.000 / Hectare or $3,600 / Acre

Excellent farm of 1.500 hectares in San José with very good soils. It has excellent access, and is 40% agricultural,…

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Luxury country estate Uruguay


Wonderful country estate in rural Uruguay. The property offers all one can dream of: all amenities in excellent conditions, views…

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Fascinating Foresty Estate


Superior residence on a forestry estate between Punta del Este and Montevideo. This estate is a stunning property which combines…

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