1100 h Rio Negro

$6.000 / Hectare or $2,430 / Acre
Rio Negro
1100 hectares
or 2715 acres

Diversified investment opportunity in the center of Uruguayan agriculture. Close to the city Young in the department Rio Negro, we can offer this mixed farming operation. 25% excellent cropland, 25% forestry and 50% cattle land.

The grain farming and cattle breeding is done by tenants. The forestry is done in cooperation with UPM, but the trees are part of the property.

The average CONEAT of the agricultural part of the farm is 185. Forestry is done on priority forestry soils.Trees were harvested in June 2022. 83 hectares will be replanted by UPM within a new contract. The remaining forestry will regrow for a second cycle which can be harvested in 10 years.

Distance to Young is 30 km and distance to UPM pulp mill I in Fray Bentos  is 140 km.

Ideal investment for an absentee owner. Rental payments, no operational expenses and diversified agricultural activities in a core agricultural region.

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