7000 hectare cattle ranch Salto

7000 hectares
or 17297 acres

Location: Department Salto, distance to Montevideo 580 km.

Agricultural use: The farm is suitable for livestock. Soils are dominantly two types, very superficial rocky soils or deep soils of heavy clay with high fertility. These last soils occupy approximately 45% of the area. Currently part of this area has implanted pastures on 1.300 hectares. The remaining 55% of the area can be used only for extensive grazing. The design of the paddocks, both by size and shape, together with the availability of water and reservoirs, allows an excellent management of the different activities of the property.

Infrastructure: The farm has two sites with housing facilities. Main houses in both fractions of the farm. Besides, there are houses for workers, barns and personnel rest rooms. It also has four chute and pen facilities with adequate design to work with cows and sheep. The state of these facilities is good and fences are in good condition as well.

Water: Sufficient availability of water: it has water reserves throughout the fields. The three different streams can also be used as a natural water source in the paddocks with access to it. There are 11 boreholes with water pumps.


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