Wagyú cattle ranch






Cattle, Mix.






275 hectares or
680 acres.

Very efficient Wagyú cattle ranch in the Maldonado area with wonderful residence. Pure bred Wagyú cows are being held by the owner and commercialized through a nearby slaughterhouse (mainly for exports).

The residence consists of 4 bedrooms, three bathrooms and a guestroom. Outside the house there is a specially prepared grill area with roof, toilet and kitchen. The house is situated in a nice garden bordering the Rio Solis Grande. The garden is very well kept and gives the farm a very nice protected atmosphere.

Near the entrance there is a modern constructed barn and a new house for staff.

Part of the land is provided with irrigation for cultivation of fodder crops such as corn. Most of the land is bordered by the river and there are some creeks crossing the land.

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