550 h cattle farm Cerro Largo




$3.250 / hectare
$1.315 / acre


Cattle, Mix, Crop.




Cerro Largo


550 hectares or
1359 acres.

It is a farm of 550 hectares, located in the department of Cerro Largo, near the town of Tres Islas. The entire surface is used to carry out livestock and agricultural activities. The gentle hills are suitable for agriculture or pasture implantation. The property also has more stretched soils with water availability for irrigation, which allow the sowing of rice in rotation with pastures. Irrigation water is provided by a channel that is conducted from a neighboring field. 415 hectares are arable. It is a mixed field, which has approximately 44.5% of good quality soils for crops such as summer, soybeans, corn and sorghum or winter crops such as wheat, barley and oats. These soils allow the implantation of pastures with good meat productions. Another 33.5% corresponds to soils suitable for rice cultivation. These areas allow the planting of pastures. The remaining 22% of the area is represented by fundamentally cattle-raising soils, including dams and lakes. It is important that this farm has no presence of native forest in it. The property is externally fenced with lines of the conventional type, built mostly with stone posts and wooden rods. The general maintenance status is good. The internal fences have been removed to allow greater efficiency of the agricultural work existing sub-divisions of electric fences for the use with livestock.

The cropping was carried out in recent years, now it is more likely to focus on cattle breeding at this farm.

Average CONEAT 87

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