Sunday August 11th, 2019

2000 h farm Lavalleja

Large ranch at 25 km northwest of the city Minas and slightly more than one hour driving from the international airport Montevideo. 1000 hectares are suitable for plantation of eucaliptus and this has been approved by authorities. 250 hectares have…
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Tuesday December 12th, 2017

9500 hectare mixed farm Durazno

Situated in central Uruguay, in the department Durazno. North of the city Durazno and south of the future UPM pulp mill. The farm is used for cows, sheep, forestry and it has potential for row crop. 9.500 hectares with CONEAT…
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large farm in Uruguay
Monday August 12th, 2019

8000 hectare mixed farm Cerro Largo

The farm is located in Cerro Largo’s department. It consists of 8,000 hectares. The farm is very well maintained. It is located 15 km from Nº7 road, which is paved and 70 km from Melo’s city (Cerro Largo’s capital city).…
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Sunday November 17th, 2019

Farm development project

This farm has a lot of development potential. Currently there is only natural grassland and native forest with some extensive cattle grazing. In the past corn, wheat and barley have been seeded. The average CONEAT is 118. A mixed farm…
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Monday November 20th, 2017

210 h. dairy farm Tacuarembó

Modern dairy farm with irrigation located in Tacuarembó, in the north of Uruguay. 90% of soils are very suitable for crop farming with an average CONEAT 155. All fodder (mainly soy beans and corn) can be produced on-site. The irrigation…
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