2100 h soy and rice farm




$4.000 / hectare
$1.619 / acre


Cattle, Crop.






2100 hectares or
5189 acres.

Fully operational crop and cattle farm in Lavalleja. 1400 hectares are suitable for rotation of rice and soybeans. Rice is irrigated with water available at the property and partly pumped up from the bordering river. Largest lake covers 85 hectares and it can irrigate 150 hectares. Water from the river can irrigate 75 hectares. Water rights are secured for 30 years, The rest is bought externally from a nearby water basin.

Average CONEAT is 112. Dominant soil type is 3.54 which leads to very good yields in rice cultivation.

The current capacity for livestock is 1.000 cows and 200 sheep.

Good infrastructure with a house for the owner, and several houses for staff. At the moment there are 5 workers for cropping and three for livestock. There is an air strip of 850 meters.


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