7050 h Tacuarembó

$3.500 / Hectare or $1,417 / Acre
7050 hectares
or 17413 acres

Large farm with very complete infrastructure, located in front of national route at 40 km from city Tacuarembó. Very good soils with great potential for agricultural development. The average Coneat Index 105.

It currently has 1200 hectares developed, 600 hectares in rotation of rainfed/pasture crops and 600 hectares in rotation of rice/rainfed/pasture crops. The agricultural area can be developed over 4020 effective hectares.

With the construction of the second dam (in the pipeline), it would be possible to irrigate the farm’s former rice-growing area with its own water, increasing the agricultural area to 4500 effective hectares.

The soils unsuitable for agriculture are mainly good soils for livestock. The area of group 3.15 (coneat index 35) is where the wintering of about 400 cows per year is usually carried out.

Main house has all the amenities and it is in very good condition. A chalet in a large wooded park, several houses for staff and foreman, sheds and cattle handling facilities.

It has a pivot irrigation system with a dam of 81 hectares and a capacity of 1:715,000 liters.

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