Harvest summer crops 2024

Start of harvest of soybeans in Durazno, Uruguay. Still high humidity, but more rain to come during the weekend. Get something in before the rain and then continue harvesting until mid May (hopefully). Estimation of yields between 2500 and 2800 kg per hectare.

Early maize was already harvested with very good yields (9.250 kg per hectare). The late maize will be harvested at the end of May after the soybeans have been collected. Maize is getting more popular and successful in Uruguay. Cargill Uruguay made a fist shipment to South Corea this week (66.000 tons).

Seeds for winter crops such as rapeseed and wheat have already arrived at the farm. Rapeseed looks more promising this year in terms of price. As a cover crop we will use a combination of oats and common vetch in order to assure a sustainable rotation.

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