Harvesting of winter crops 2021

At the end of November, the harvesting of winter crops is well under way and in two weeks, this will have finished. So far, yields and prices are positive for farmers. Perhaps a lack of rainfall in October affected to some extent the quality of later seeded winter crops.

Yields for wheat are on average between 3.800 and 5.000 kg per hectare. Local wheat prices are now 285 USD per ton.

Results for barley are in the range of 4.500 to 5.500 kg per hectare. For this grain, the local Uruguayan price is between 280 and 300 USD per ton.

Canola got most of the attention this year with record prices. Now at harvesting time the price was reduced a little, 690 USD per ton. Excellent price for a crop that yielded between 1.800 and 2.000 kg per hectare.

Since double cropping is possible in Uruguay, most of these fields are used for seeding of a short cycle soybean that will be harvested in May 2022.

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