Harvesting summer crops 2022

This season is a triple success for grain farmers in Uruguay: good prices, good yields and good climatic conditions for harvesting. Mid May the harvest of soybeans is advancing well with approximately 60% of soybeans taken from the fields. Yields are a bit uneven, depending on the timing of rainfall in January, but overall the yields are good. In the west of the country (Colonia and Soriano) yields around 4,000 kg per hectare and in San José and Flores results are above 3,200 kg per hectare. Yields for second round corn (seeded late) are also good. Close to 8,000 kg per hectare is the average.

Harvest of rice finished mid May with a very good national average of 9.250 kg per hectare. Half of that harvest is already exported.

Since the weather conditions form end of April to mid May were very good (dry and sunny), harvesting ran smoothly without the logistical hickups that were problematic in other years. Long lines of trucks in the port of Nueva Palmira and Montevideo were less common than other years.

The estimated value of exports of soybeans is 2,000 Millions of US dollar.

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