2000 h farm Lavalleja

$4.250 / Hectare or $1,720 / Acre
2000 hectares
or 4942 acres

Large ranch at 25 km northwest of the city Minas and slightly more than one hour driving from the international airport Montevideo.

1000 hectares are suitable for plantation of eucaliptus and this has been approved by authorities. 250 hectares have been planted two years ago.

It is possible to improve pastures and grow crops like soy beans, sorghum to feed the animals. This part of the property consists of 400 hectares. Cattle breeding is done with Hereford cows.

A project was approved to pump water from the river Soldado that crosses the land. A project is designed and approved to create a lake and install two pivots for irrigation. Water pumps are already in place.

The property borders route 108. The property has a large main house and a house for the farm workers.

The average CONEAT is 83.

It is possible to buy the property turnkey, including all cattle, horses and machinery.

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