River Plate cropping estate

40 hectares
or 100 acres

This property is located on the coast of the River Plate in Colonia. The land is very fertile and it can be seeded on almost the entire area. 75% of the land has a CONEAT over 200. This means excellent quality cropland where you can have double rotation of soybeans, maize, rapeseed, wheat etc. The non-planted area around the house is 3 hectares. The estimated rental income is 15.000 USD per year, which will be enough to cover all expenses and taxes.

The main house is fully furnished. There are 5 bedrooms of which 4 en-suite bathrooms. The roof and walls are constructed with isoplane to isolate it against heat and cold weather. It has heating (18 hot water radiators), 8 air conditioners, telephone and internet, dishwasher and washing machine. The top floor has a panoramic view of the entire area, inland, beach and River Plate. There is a house for a caretaker on the land, but not close to the house. In the main house, there is also a bedroom plus bathroom for staff.

The average CONEAT is 169. The property is 180 meters wide with direct access to the beach and clear views on the River Plate. The length is 2.6 km between public road and beach.

The distance to Montevideo is 150 km and to Colonia del Sacramento only 30 km.

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