Farm Sales Uruguay

Since the start of the COVID-10 pandemic, we have seen an increase in farmland transactions in Uruguay. In the period May, June and July when people felt comfortable leaving their houses and visit farms, we had several Uruguayan investors looking for new investments. Besides traditional Uruguayan farmers, the majority of them were businessmen from Montevideo and Punta del Este. Their main interest was in cropland for a lease. At that time, we were able to sell several attractive farms in Colonia, San José and Flores.

Besides Uruguayan investors, we also saw some international investors purchasing farmland in Canelones and Colonia in August and September. They realized that now is the best moment to invest in Uruguay. Prices per hectare are attractive and some sellers are eager and motivated to cash out.

Of course, there are also Argentines looking to invest in farms in Uruguay as they have done in the past. Due to the economic and political situation in that country. Argentine investors are making inquiries, but no actual investments without being able to personally visit the farms. Mind you, that Argentines have been in lockdown from March until at least October 11.  The monetary restrictions in Argentina also lead Argentine landowners in Uruguay to an urgent situation to liquidate their assets in Uruguay. For the moment, it seems there are more Argentines getting out rather than buying.

Investors from USA and Europe are interested in investing in Uruguay. Sometimes an expansion of already existing investments in the country and sometimes entirely new investments. In this case, investors are willing to invest without a personal visit based on trust and transparent information. Upon request we can explain more in detail.

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