European investment tour

The last two weeks we made a successful tour in Europe visiting a mix of existing clients, prospective investors and interested business partners. This trip took us to different places visiting a vineyard in Wallonia and a dairy farm in The Netherlands, but most meetings were in hotels and offices in Brussels, Zurich, Hamburg, The Hague and Amsterdam. A busy schedule and lots of activities to work on soon.

It´s always good to visit Europe and discuss the reasons why people would consider an investment in Uruguay. Drivers are multiple, but often more related to EU circumstances than really the urge to do something in Uruguay. From a Uruguayan perspective we clearly need to work hard on improving the perception of trust and reliability. Some of it is based on prejudice, but unfortunately also on experiences in the region. A reputation takes years to build.

After 12 years working with international investors in Uruguay, we continue to bring an international perspective and quality standards to investments in farmland in Uruguay.

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