Extreme weather Uruguay

Extreme weather conditions in Uruguay have seriously affected agriculture. In the first three weeks of April rainfall accumulated 400 mm on average. The most affected regions are the southwest and northeast of Uruguay. The chart shows extreme rainfall in certain places, especially in Artigas and Lavalleja.

All agricultural sectors have experienced serious damage and the consequences will become fully clear in the weeks to come.

Flooding throughout the country has led to the delay of harvesting of crops such as soy beans and rice and the direct loss of many crops on the fields. So far only 5% of soy beans and 10% of rice had been harvested. It is unclear how much of these crops can be harvested and in which conditions.

Livestock was sometimes unable to flee from the sudden water masses and died during the flooding. In forestry damage is more indirect with problems in infrastructure after roads and bridges got seriously damaged. It means a rough year ahead for Uruguayan farmers.