Timberland Trust Uruguay

Timberland trust Bosques del Uruguay informed this week about a third private placement worth 190 M USD which was gathered by institutional investors. The total participation accumulated to an amount of nearly 400 M USD. This third private placement will be used to purchase 42.000 hectares of an international timberland owner in Uruguay. These properties are already planted for 60 to 65% with eucalyptus and pine trees. The properties are located in northern Florida, Cerro Largo, Treinta y Tres and Lavalleja. The purchase is expected to finalize in February 2017 according to an article in El País.

This trust Bosques del Uruguay is operated by Agroempresa Forestal  which runs timberland operations in Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. In 2011 a first private placement in Uruguay gathered 50 M USD and in 2015 the second private placement was worth 70 M USD.