Friday April 17th, 2020

1000 h Forestry Durazno

This land is currently used for cattle grazing. A forestry project was designed to plant 50% with eucaliptus trees. Given the fact that future UPM mill will be close at 105 km, this is a very attractive option. Trees are…
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Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Sale Farming Company Flores

Fully operational farm in Flores with crop rental agreement. This farms has a house for the owner, two houses for staff or caretaker and barns. In total 745 hectares of which 502 hectares leased out to a crop farmer. Remaining…
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Tuesday March 17th, 2020

12000 hectare cattle ranch Paysandú

Large traditional cattle ranch in Paysandú. It also has some parts with commercial forestry and other parts with native forest. The average CONEAT is 86.
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Monday September 2nd, 2019

2400 h crop farm Rio Negro

This crop farm in Rio Negro is situated on the riverbanks. It consists of 2400 hectares with an average CONEAT 148. No less than 75% is arable land.  Dominant soil type is 10.1 with a CONEAT 219. The farm is…
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Wednesday June 19th, 2019

331 h. forestry land in Durazno

Great cattle farm suitable for conversion to forestry. Located at only 105 km from future pulp mill UPM II, this farm could very well be used for a combination of forestry and cattle breeding. Soil types are predominantly 9 and…
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Thursday April 18th, 2019

411 h. Barriga Negra

Forestry plantation in Barriga Negra, Lavalleja. 411 hectares in total of which 238 are suitable for forestry. Project was approved before 2007 and therefore the revenues from forestry are tax free. All trees were harvested once and are now regrowing.…
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Friday April 12th, 2019

1300 h. forest near Pan de Azucar

Forestry plantation near Pan de Azucar at 35 km from Punta del Este. Very good access via Ruta 60. In total 420 hectares have been planted of which 230 were harvested in 2015 and the remaining 190 hectares were harvested…
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Friday April 12th, 2019

864 h. forestry and cattle near Garzón

Forestry and cattle farm in the hills between Rocha and Maldonado, not far from Pueblo Garzón. A first harvest of Eucaliptus Dunii and Smithi planted on 150 hectares is expected in 2026. Second harvest is expected in 2025 of Eucaliptus…
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Tuesday March 26th, 2019

2000 h. cattle farm Treinta y Tres

Versatile cattle farm of nearly 2000 hectares in which different production activities can be carried out (i.e. cattle, sheep, forestry and crops). Currently 700 hectares of sown pastures for high productivity cattle breeding and fattening. There are 70 hectares of…
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Monday October 8th, 2018

535 h. eucalyptus plantation Soriano

Eucalyptus plantation of 535 hectares in Soriano. Less than 170 km from the pulp mills of UPM (I and II) and Montes del Plata. In recent months 355 hectares have been planted with eucalyptus dunii. That is 66% of the…
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