Friday October 8th, 2021

707 h grains Durazno

High yielding grain farm in Durazno with excellent crop soils and abundant water supply. The land borders the river Rio Negro. There are no buildings at this property. The average CONEAT is 165. The dominant soil type on nearly 60% of…
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Monday September 27th, 2021

220 h crop farm San José

Grain farm of 220 hectares in San José. Direct access from Ruta 3. The farm is rented out for to a grain farmer until July 2023. Cultivation rotates soybeans, wheat and canola. The house with corral and barn are rented…
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Friday August 13th, 2021

2100 h soy and rice farm

Fully operational crop and cattle farm in Lavalleja. 1400 hectares are suitable for rotation of rice and soybeans. Rice is irrigated with water available at the property and partly pumped up from the bordering river. Largest lake covers 85 hectares…
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Thursday July 22nd, 2021

100 h cropland Soriano

Excellent crop land of 100 hectares of which 80 hectares are planted. There are no buildings, this property is only land. It is located at 2 km from Ruta 2 and 10 km from Rodó in Soriano. The average CONEAT is 170.…
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campos Uruguay a la venta
Thursday December 3rd, 2020

140 h cropland Colonia

In the most southern part of Uruguay, in the department Colonia, one can find this crop farm of 140 hectares. Soils are very fertile and the farm is well located. Rotation of crops is soy or corn in summer and…
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Sunday September 27th, 2020

850 h crop land Canelones

Unique to find such large-scale crop farm close to Montevideo. No less than 75% is arable land. At two places, there are basic houses for farm workers and corrals for cattle management. Distance to Montevideo is 40 km and easy…
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Saturday September 19th, 2020

1100 h crop farm San José

Attractive crop farm in San José at 40 km from Villa Rodriguez and 110 km from Montevideo. 940 hectares are arable which is a very good percentage of the entire farm. The land has been managed very well including good…
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land for sale near Montevideo
Tuesday August 25th, 2020

370 h crop farm Canelones

Crop farm close to Montevideo. Rotation of soy or corn in summer and wheat or barley in winter. The average CONEAT is 143. Soils are 50% type 10.8a and 50% type 10.8b which are both good soils for cropping. This…
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Tuesday August 25th, 2020

480 h crop farm Canelones

Attractive crop farm close to Montevideo. It used to be a dairy farm, but it is now rented out for crop farming. Rotation of soy and corn in summer and barley or wheat in winter. There is a house for…
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olive farm Colonia
Wednesday August 19th, 2020

Olive farm Colonia

Attractive olive plantation in Colonia in combination with sheep breeding. This fully operational farm is situated in a rural area at only 19 km from the port of Colonia del Sacramento and very close to Agricultural Faculty La Estanzuela. It…
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