Friday April 24th, 2020

800 h cropland Rio Negro

On the shores of the river Rio Negro a crop farm of 800 hectares with 600 workable hectares.Very good potential to develop an irrigation project. There are no buildings, but just arable land. There is also a large australian tank.…
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Tuesday April 21st, 2020

73 h cropland Colonia

Farmland in southeastern Uruguay in the department Colonia. 73 hectares with an average CONEAT 123, a mix of soil types 10.12 and 5.02b. There is a house for a farm worker and corrals for cattle manangement. This land was used…
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Friday April 17th, 2020

1000 h Forestry Durazno

This land is currently used for cattle grazing. A forestry project was designed to plant 50% with eucaliptus trees. Given the fact that future UPM mill will be close at 105 km, this is a very attractive option. Trees are…
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Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Sale Farming Company Flores

Fully operational farm in Flores with crop rental agreement. This farms has a house for the owner, two houses for staff or caretaker and barns. In total 745 hectares of which 502 hectares leased out to a crop farmer. Remaining…
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Tuesday March 17th, 2020

12000 hectare cattle ranch Paysandú

Large traditional cattle ranch in Paysandú. It also has some parts with commercial forestry and other parts with native forest. The average CONEAT is 86.
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Saturday February 15th, 2020

Lovely farm in Colonia

Charming farm at a very good location with comfortable and modern homestead. Situated in a rural area, yet half way between Montevideo (100 km) and Colonia del Sacramento (70 km). Very well connected with several towns nearby. Currently the land…
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Thursday December 5th, 2019

500 h cattle farm Colon

Excellent cattle farm near Colon in Lavalleja. Good size, good location, good soils and good infrastructure make for an attractive investment in cattle farming. The average CONEAT is 125 and the land consists of soils 10.7, 12.11 and 3.54. Fertile…
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Wednesday September 25th, 2019

2000 h coastal cattle ranch Rocha

The farm has ideal conditions for a high productivity intensive grazing system (regenerative farming). Good forage cropping potential and pastures improvement potential in all the area. Summer cropping (soya, sorghum) potential over 50% of total area. Current use of soils…
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Monday September 2nd, 2019

550 h cattle farm Cerro Largo

It is a farm of 550 hectares, located in the department of Cerro Largo, near the town of Tres Islas. The entire surface is used to carry out livestock and agricultural activities. The gentle hills are suitable for agriculture or…
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Monday September 2nd, 2019

770 h cattle farm Cerro Largo

Cattle farm near Tres Islas in Cerro Largo. Farm is located at 350 km from Montevideo and 65 km from Melo. In the recent past soy beans, oats and sorgo have been planted on half of this farm. River Tupambae…
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