Soy bean cultivation Uruguay

Soy beans were cultivated on 1,049 hectares in 2012/2013. This means an increase of 20% as compared to one year earlier. It occupied 86% of all cropland in Uruguay. The average yield was 2,634 kg per hectare. A new record for Uruguayan crop farmers. The total production of soy beans reached 2,8 M tons. After harvesting soy beans 44% of this cropland was then used for the cultivation of wheat. This type of double cropping in one year is possible in Uruguay. The perspectives for 2013/2014 are that soy beans will be seeded on 1,05 million hectares of farmland. Corn will be seeded on 123,000 hectares and sorgho on 50,000 hectares. This means a stabilization as compared to last year.