Farmland Uruguay provides brokerage of farmland, prime rural homes and agro-business.

On this webpage we would like to give an indication of available properties and opportunities. We work hard to present an accurate and up-to-date overview of properties. Prices and availability were verified as of June 1, 2017. All prices shown on this page are prices in US dollar and prices of farmland are USD per hectare! If you indicate what type of investment you are interested in, we will surely be able to make competitive and attractive offers.

We can help you finding thousands of acres of fertile farmland in Uruguay. From row crop farms to grass-fed beef cattle ranches, from timberland to dairy farms and from olive farms to pecan nut orchards in Uruguay.

Lovely farm in Colonia


Wonderful Colonia farmhouse


Pueblo Eden farmhouse


Horse farm Punta del Este


Rural home Durazno


Luxury country estate Uruguay


Estancia Canelones


Farmhouse near San Jacinto


Country estate Pueblo Edén


Country home Uruguay


Modern estancia in rural Uruguay


70 h. crop farm and rural home


Country home in hills


Historic cattle farm


Wagyú cattle ranch


Olive chacra in Colonia

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Punta del Este country home