52 h. goat farm Maldonado




$14.424 / hectare
$5.837 / acre








52 hectares or
128 acres.

Attractive farm in the Maldonado area which includes highly fertile soils, good farmhouse and ideal location.

Currently the farm is used for keeping goats, milking and artisanal production of goat cheeses. Goat cheeses are sold to most renown restaurants and chefs in the area of Punta del Este and José Ignacio. It is important to stress that the entire farm operation is certified for organic production in Uruguay (concerning soil use and animal treatment). The farm is also associated to Slow Food International.

The farm is located in a rural area, but still close to mayor tourist destinations such as José Ignacio and Punta del Este. The important motorway Route 9 is nearby at 4 km.

There are 15 hectares of eucalyptus trees planted and at the end of the farm there is a river Arroyo San Carlos providing drinking water for animals.

The house consists of 110 m2 and it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is a barn for artisanal production of cheeses and a stable for goats including milk parlor.

This property allows starting any ambitious specialty farming project close to important consumer market as Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio. Alternatives to dairy goat farming are very well possible at this property. For example avocados or pecan nuts.

The average CONEAT is 132 which is very high for the Maldonado area.

Total guide price is 750.000 USD.

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