365 h. premium farm San José




$5.500 / hectare
$2.226 / acre


Mix, Crop.




San José


365 hectares or
902 acres.

Attractive crop farm with solid rental agreement with annual payment upfront. This farm has succesfully been converted into a modern crop farm. In the last years intensive rotation of summer and winter crops has taken place. Rotation of soy beans, corn and canola is the most profitable rotation of crops in Uruguay.

Currently 200 hectares are planted with row crops and the remaining area is used for livestock.

The predominant soil types are very suitable for successful crop farming.

The average CONEAT over 365 hectares is 150.

  • 109 hectares is soil type 03.41 and has CONEAT index 158,
  • 146 hectares is soil type 10.8b and CONEAT index 184 and
  • 108 hectares is soil type 3.3 and a CONEAT index 96.

The farm borders river Carreta Quemada and lies on top of acquifer Raigón.

Access to the farm is guaranteed as it is very close to national Route 3 and it also has direct access from the ring way leading to national Route 11. The internal road leading to the buildings is also in very good condition. The farm is situated at 10 km north of the city San José.

The main house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, living, kitchen and guestroom with bathroom. It has connection with WiFi and DirectTV. Several investments were recently done in housing and infrastructure.

There are two houses for staff with kitchen, living room and two bedrooms each. On the property there are three barns in good conditions.



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