6500 hectare farm Cerro Largo




$3.500 / hectare


Cattle, Forestry, Crop.




Cerro Largo


6500 hectares or
16062 acres.

This farm of 6.500 has in Cerro Largo is a mixed farm with 30% crops and 70% cattle.

Cattle breeding takes place on 4,500 hectares with Hereford and Braford cows. There are currently 800 heads for breeding activity and the total number of cattle is 1.400 heads. There is also a dairy production operational on this farm.

Crop production is carried out in direct seeding rotation with sorghum or corn-soy. There are two large lakes constructed covering 300 hectares for irrigation of 1200 hectares of rice. Rice is produced in rotation with pastures. The total crop area is 2.000 hectares.

There are several houses and barns on this farm for all staff and management. There is also a landing strip for small aircrafts.

Distance to Montevideo is approx. 460 km and distance to Melo 60 km.

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