7500 hectare mixed farm Durazno




$4.250 / hectare
$1.720 / acre


Cattle, Forestry, Mix, Crop.






7500 hectares or
18533 acres.

Situated in central Uruguay, in the department Durazno. North of the city Durazno and south of the future UPM pulp mill. The farm is used for cows, sheep, forestry and it has potential for row crop. 9.500 hectares with CONEAT 112

Main house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are two more houses for farm manager and staff with four bedrooms and two bedrooms. 5 smaller buildings were constructed throughout the farm. All buildings and fences are very well maintained.

Currently nearly 300 hectares are being irrigated and this can be upscaled to 800 hectares. A large lake was constructed for this type of irrigation.

430 hectares were planted with eucalyptus trees by the owner and 630 hectares were planted by a timber company.

There is a feedlot with capacity for 1.000 cows.

It is possible to buy the farm in smaller lots of 8.000 (CONEAT 120), 6.000, 2.000 or 1.500 hectares (CONEAT 92).

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