7100 hectare mixed farm Cerro Largo




$3.500 / hectare


Cattle, Forestry, Mix, Crop.




Cerro Largo


7100 hectares or
17544 acres.

The farm is in Cerro Largo’s department. It is located 20 km from Nº7 road, which is paved and 70 km from Melo’s city (Cerro Largo’s capital city). Montevideo, the national capital city, is 350 km south from the farm.

Total Hectares: 7,100 has.

Row Crop Hectares: 3,600 has

Cattle Hectares: 1,400 has

Reserve and others: 2,000 has

The internal roads, fences, sheds (3) and personnel house are in good conditions. The main house is in excellent conditions (400 mts2). There are water dams, in conditions to provide water to 700 rice hectares (3). Besides that, there are two generators and an air strip.

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