1000 h. irrigated farmland




$8.000 / hectare


Cattle, Forestry, Crop.






1000 hectares or
2471 acres.

This farm offers a profitable mix of crop farming and cattle breeding. The farm is situated in Durazno close to river Rio Negro and not far from Route 5.

There are two lakes of 31 and 23 hectares (that are interconnected) containing 1.400.000 m3 of water. Four Lindsay pivots allow for irrigation of approximately 400 hectares of row crop farming. For instance double cropping of soy beans and wheat or corn and barley.

66% of the property is arable land. 73 hectares were planted with eucaliptus dunii in 2011 which is also attractive as the new UPM pulp mill will be very near.

The corrals for herd management have been certified for exports within cuota 481 (grain-fed beef). These corrals have a capacity for 500 cows.

The average CONEAT at this property is 119.

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