Farm island in River Uruguay










Río Negro


1250 hectares or
3089 acres.

For sale, a unique island in the River Uruguay suitable for livestock and tourism. This is really a lifestyle property where one can carry out cattle breeding and enjoy a rural livestyle on the shores of the River Uruguay. Views over the water towards Argentina are amazing. There is no bridge, one actually has to take a private boat or ferry in order to cross the river and reach the island. This takes only 10 minutes, and guarantees full privacy.

The flora and fauna on this island are incredible with unique species. It is a place in full nature and it offers the possibility to fully enjoy either horse riding, water sports or hunting and fishing.

There is a house on the island that was completely remodeled. It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

At the moment half of the estancia is used for a cattle-herd of 600 head producing year-round grass-fed calves. The other half of the island is in natural condition, partially flood-land, for autochthonous fauna and flora. Animals are transported to the mainland with a pontoon.

The average CONEAT is 52.


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