103 h. crop farm Villa Rodriguez




$7.000 / hectare






San José


103 hectares or
255 acres.

This farmland is suitable for row cropping in unrestricted rotation. This property consists of 103 hectares with an average CONEAT 175. The arable land is 95%. It used to be a dairy farm, but it was converted to row cropping. There is an abandoned house of 120 m2 and it has access to the grid. Located at 30 km east of city San Jose and 93 km west of Montevideo. The asking price is 7.000 USD per hectare. Easy to rent it out to farm management company.

Rental price is estimated to be 750 kg of soy on 95 hectares of arable land. Rental price fluctuates with international commodity prices. 750 kg of soy per hectare on 95 hectares.

Yields in soy bean on average 3.000 kg per hectare in first round and 2.500 kg per hectare in second round. Corn about 6.000 kg per hectare and wheat nearly 4.000 kg per hectare.

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