4200 hectare complete mixed farm




$4.200 / hectare


Cattle, Forestry, Crop.






4200 hectares or
10378 acres.

Large complete farm in the heart of rural Uruguay. This property is currently used for cattle grazing. Parts of the farm can also be used for crop cultivation and forestry. There are several buildings and installations providing a completely operational large scale farming unit.

Montevideo is located at 235 km and the city Durazno at 50 km. Access is possible from the north and south side of the farm.

20% is suitable for forestry which is a very attractive potential given the fact that the new pulp mill will be located at approx 100 km. Almost half the farm could be used for crop farming with double cropping of soy beans and wheat.

There are currently between 5000 and 6000 sheep and between 2800 and 3000 cows plus an additional 150 horses.

There is a large house for the owner with 11 bedrooms (of which 2 en-suite) and 8 bathrooms. The living room, dining room, study room and additional dining room all have fire places.

The house for the farm manager has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen. Besides there is another house with 3 bedrooms for farm workers.

There are 4 barns for storage and two smaller houses in the fields. The property is connected to the grid and has access to a water well.

The average CONEAT is 109.

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