2000 h. cattle ranch Tacuarembo




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Cattle, Mix.






2005 hectares or
4954 acres.

This cattle ranch is located in Tacuarembó where one can find a variety of agricultural activities ranging from timberland to cattle breeding and crop farming (mainly in the area towards Cerro Largo).  In recent years large scale investors have acquired important areas of farmland. This farm is located along Route 6 at approximately 465 km from Montevideo.  Melo is located at 75 km of the farm. The farm comprises 2.005 hectares (4,950 acres). This farm has soils that are suitable for a mix of agricultural activities ranging from cattle breeding to crop farming. Cattle breeding is currently carried out by own farm workers and managed by an agricultural engineer hired by the owner. Rice cultivation is done by a local farmer and crop farming was until recently leased out.

At this cattle ranch one can find the main house which is where the farm manager resides and where the owner and/or agricultural engineer can stay. There is one large barn for storage and corrals to attend to the animals. A second house for farm workers is also available and in good conditions.

In general the infrastructure is in very good conditions. The internal roads, fences and corrals have been put in place recently and are very well taken care of. There are Australian water tanks available at all houses. The property is connected to the grid.


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