2000 h. cattle farm Treinta y Tres




$3.500 / hectare
$1.416 / acre


Cattle, Forestry.




Treinta y Tres


2000 hectares or
4942 acres.

Versatile cattle farm of nearly 2000 hectares in which different production activities can be carried out (i.e. cattle, sheep, forestry and crops). Currently 700 hectares of sown pastures for high productivity cattle breeding and fattening. There are 70 hectares of Eucalyptus rostrata and dunii distributed throughout the farm for shade for cattle. There is abundant water availability throughout the farm (streams and waterreservoirs). Good cattle and sheepyards.

Outstanding soils for cattle and forestry production with an avergae CONEAT 72. 40% of soils with forestry potential and 60% type 4.1 That is suitable for high-productivity cattle breeding and fattening. Eventually could be used for crops i.e. soybeans.

Excellent housing facilities with excellent access through well maintained paved roads. The property is connected to 220 volts powergrid. It has excellent housing facilities for owners and staff (2 mainhouses, 1 house for foreman, 1 house for employees) plus 2 barns.

Approximate distances to towns and cities:

  • 15 km to Treinta y Tres
  • 125 km to Brazilian border
  • 220 km to Punta del Este
  • 320 km to Montevideo


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