915 h forestry land Lavalleja




$3.500 / hectare
$1.416 / acre


Cattle, Forestry.






915 hectares or
2261 acres.

Excellent opportunity for a forestry investment in Lavalleja. The farm consists of 915 hectares and nearly 95% is soils with forestry priority. Currently there is only extensive cattle grazing.

The average CONEAT is 77. Dominant soil types are 2.20 and 2.14. The estimation is that 65% of land can be effectively planted with eucalyptus trees and that permission will be granted through an A-project at the ministry.

There is a spacious house, which is connected to the electricity network. Corral and fences are in good condition. No additional investments will be required at this farm.

A river crosses the land at the back of the property. There is sufficient water for livestock all year round.

Access is good as it is situated at 17  km from Ruta 8 and the internal road is in good condition.

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