870 h. forestry and cattle near Garzón




$3.300 / hectare


Cattle, Forestry.






866 hectares or
2140 acres.

Forestry and cattle farm in the hills between Rocha and Maldonado, not far from Pueblo Garzón. In 2001 and 2002 Eucaliptus Globulus was planted on 205 hectares. Then again, in 2016 Eucaliptus Dunii and Smithi was planted on 150 hectares. There is autochthonous forest of 60 hectares. At this property, one can find a traditional farmhouse and all that is needed to work with cattle and sheep. There are several creeks with drinkable water, that never dry, not even in the worst droughts.

The farm consists of two plots. One is 738 has with an average CONEAT 54 and the second part consists of 128 hectares and it has a CONEAT of 99. The second part has no forestry and very good grasslands. Distance between both plots is only 500 meter. Together 866 hectares with an average CONEAT of 61.

Asking price for the entire property is 2.871.000 M USD.

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