6700 h crop farm with plenty of water

$3.000 / Hectare or $1,214 / Acre
6700 hectares
or 16556 acres

Large mixed farm in northern Uruguay, Rivera. The advantage of this farm is the enormous water potential in combination with soils suitable for rice and soy.

The farm itself consists of 6.700 hectares of which no less than 840 hectares are covered with potable water. These two large lakes are very impressive; one lake contains 13.000 m3 and the second lake 6.900 m3.

Rice cultivation is possible on 2.300 hectares, row crops on 2.200 hectares and 1.376 hectares is cattle land. At the moment there is only gravity irrigation on 600 hectares of farmland which leaves enormous upside potential. Gravity irrigation meaning water going through canals without use of pipes or pivots.

There are silos for storage of grains included in this property. There is an airstrip as well. The grain mills of ADP are located at short distance. Average CONEAT is 83.

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