6000 hectare row crop farm Rio Negro




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Río Negro


6000 hectares or
14826 acres.

The  farm  has  excellent agricultural  soils,  where  summer  crops  such  as  soy,  corn  and  sorghum or winter crops such as wheat, barley and oats can be planted. 62% of soils are type 10 and 11 with high CONEAT. The other soils allow  the  sowing  of  annual  and  pluri-annual  pastures,  with  very  good  beef  production. These soils occupy approximately 38% of the area. Currently 1.400 hectares have pastures.

The farm has very good housing facilities. The main operations center, framed by a pleasant park within which the main house including 8 bedrooms, a house for employees, warehouses, and a workshop-shed. There are two basic houses for farm workers at the farm. The  farm  has  an  internal  road  network  that  allows  easy  access  to  all  sectors  of  the  property for vehicles of all types including trucks and/or agricultural machinery. It also has four chute and pen facilities with adequate design to comfortably work with livestock. The state of these facilities is very good and given its size allows working with large numbers of animals (2.500). All fences are in good conditions.

Great availability of water: it has many water reserves. The water distribution to the different sectors of the farm is ensured since there is a submersed pipeline of 20 km. There are 8 boreholes with submersible pump. The farm is crossed by three different streams.

Average CONEAT is 155.

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