424 forestry plantation




$3.650 / hectare
$1.477 / acre


Cattle, Forestry.






424 hectares or
1048 acres.

This farm is situated in Lavalleja, close to Villa Serrana. The land consists of priority foresty soils, type 2.11 a and 2.11 b. A forestry project was approved and the plantation was carried out in September 2021.The forestry is rented out until December 2031. After that date the trees will become part of the farm. Meaning the second cycle is fully owned by the landowner. Trees planted are Euclyptus Smithii.

Cattle rent is possible 8 months after plantation of the trees, starting in June 2022. Fences and corrals were renovated in 2019 for the management of cattle. There are two entrances to the farm, one to the north towards Villa Serrana and another to the south towards San Carlos.

The average CONEAT is 56.

This is an ideal investment object.

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