12000 hectare cattle ranch Paysandú




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Cattle, Forestry.






12000 hectares or
29653 acres.

Large traditional cattle ranch in Paysandú.

Within the grounds of the farm, there are gentle hills, with different degrees of slope that allow the implantation of pastures for livestock.  Another section has flatter soils where 440  hectares  were  planted  with  eucalyptus  and  30  hectares  with  pine  trees.  There is a rental contract for 400 more hectares of eucalyptus trees. Finally, there are areas, which are suitable for feed crops and currently 1.400 hectares have pastures. The remaining area of 2.500 hectares is influenced by the rivers and in certain portions holds native forest suitable for livestock only.

The farm has a main house in good conditions, a house for  the  farm  manager  and  4  basic  houses  for  workers.  It has four chute and pen facilities to work with cows and two corrals for sheep management. Fences generally speaking in good conditions.

Very  good  availability  of  water:  it  has  many  water  reserves  and  several  streams  crossing  the  land.  There  are  also  8  boreholes  with  pumps  for  the  extraction of water. Distance to Montevideo is 400 km.

The average CONEAT is 86.

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