Location new pulp mill

Last week president Tabaré Vazquez announced the location of a new pulp mill to be built in Uruguay. The second UPM pulp mill will be constructed a a radius of 25 km from the intersection of Route 3 and river Rio Negro. In other words very close to small city Paso de los Toros. It is not clear yet whether it will be on the south (Durazno) or north (Tacuarembó) banks of the river.

The construction of the new mill is expected to start in 2018. The final go – no go decision by the Finnish multinational UPM depends on infrastructural projects to be carried out by the Uruguayan government in order to improve logistics from and towards the new mill. The Uruguayan government has scheduled trips to China, Spain and Germany in order to find partners for the construction of bridges, motorways and railways.