Land price developments in 2011

Preliminary statistics about farmland purchases in 2011 were recently published in an article in Busqueda. These statistics are calculated on the basis of transactions of farmland properties of over 500 hectares by the Uruguayan Institute of Colonization. The article reports that in 2011 154 transactions have taken place, an increase of 36% as compared to 2010. The total amount of these transactions adds up to 745 M USD and it corresponds to an area of 178.735 hectares. The average price per hectare has gone up with 24% as compared to 2010. In 2011 the average price per hectare in Uruguay was 4.521 USD. Some regional differences are worth mentioning: in Soriano an average price of 7.749 USD and in Colonia 7.060 USD (both regions are known for the production of grains). In Durazno where one can find both grains and cattle breeding the average price was 5.116 USD. In San Jose, the dairy region, the average price was 4.821 USD