Equity Investment Opportunity

LATAM Activos LP is a diversified closed end Real Assets fund based in Delaware focusing on income and asset appreciation from Multistrata Agroforestry, Bamboo, Sustainable Food, Regenerative Agriculture from Degraded Land, Renewables, and Carbon Offset streams from Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation and Afforestation in Latin America. We target a 9% return from a diversified portfolio.

We focus on low-risk Uruguay. Farmland and Forestry Yields in Uruguay appeal given Investment Security, Tax Breaks and Exemptions, and Asset Quality versus more risky jurisdictions. Other LATAM jurisdictions offer higher IRRs for a higher perceived risk.

Our focus is 100% ESG-centric and based on Market Solutions for Nature. No project is undertaken without a rigorous analysis of benefits to Society and Nature. We adhere to Sustainable Land Management and Regeneration of Natural Capital; Carbon Farming; Tokenized Carbon Credits, and development of Renewables.

There are a few places left to join this project. Early 2023 the funds will be allocated.

Upon request we can send the Pitch Book and organize a call with Paul Hollingworth and Wilfred Morren.

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