Investment farmland Uruguay

A new project has been developed to provide attractive investment options for people interested in farmland in Uruguay. The proposal is to offer investors the opportunity to buy plots of land of 10 to 100 hectares adjacent to a large typically Uruguayan Estancia. Whereas normally smaller investments are not economically feasible, this project is open for budgets ranging from 50.000 USD to 1 M USD.

Investors will own the land individually and will have the chance to rent out the land to the farm management company that also operates the larger property within the same successful business model. That way it is possible to create sufficient economy of scale. What makes this project unique is the possibility to participate in the total final sale of the combined lands in production within a horizon of 5 to 10 years.

The strength of the business model is for the investor to purchase the land directly, receive immediate rental income and in a future sale take advantage of the integrated landholdings with the premium of the typical estancia with all facilities including renewable energy sources.

This project is not the typical ´one size fits all´ investment opportunity, but is open for individual requests and tailor made solutions. More information about this investment project can be provided upon request.