Growth potential agri-business

In less than 10 years’ time Uruguay increased its agricultural production by 4 according to the Uruguayan ministry of Agriculture (Departement of Natural Resources). This includes all sectors such as crop growing, dairy production and livestock. Nowadays 28 million people are fed by Uruguayan products on a yearly basis. This reflects the enormous growth potential of the countries´ agri-business. The intensification of primary production and increasing use of new technologies has a very strong impact on this growing productivity. Simultaneously the Uruguayan authorities have taken some measures to avoid over-exploitation of natural resources and promote sustainability.

For that reason soil management plans that regulate crop rotation and legislation on the use of agrochemicals have been implemented successfully. Already 90% of all crop soils are being managed according to the soil management plans (approximately 1.4 M hectares). Another relevant measure two years ago was the adoption of mandatory tracking and tracing of all livestock of 12 million cows.