Farmland transactions 2015

Official statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture have been published regarding farmland prices in 2015. These data include all transactions independent of size of the plot transferred or quality of soils (CONEAT).

According to the publication of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2015 1.245 transactions were carried out with an average price of 3.584 USD per hectare and totaling 176.000 hectares. This average price is 9% lower than in 2014 according to these statistics.

The largest area was sold in Cerro Largo, Tacuarembó and Rocha. The highest prices were registered in Colonia, Soriano and Rio Negro.

In 2015 there were only 9 transactions regarding properties of over 2.000 hectares. 73% of all transactions refer to an area between 10 and 100 hectares. It is for that reason that data of the Institute of Colonization offer more reliable information regarding commercial farmland (see this news item). This list covers the 50 most important transactions in commercial farmland.